We make things happen.

The Foundation Anne-Marie Schindler promotes cultural and social projects with financial contributions.

Projects in all areas of culture in Switzerland, but preferably relating to the canton of Glarus, can be supported.

Among the social projects, the foundation concentrates on projects which focus on the campaign against violence towards women.

As long as the grants lend wings and open new inner spaces, it feels right to me.

Anne-Marie Schindler, Founder, St. Prex
  • The foundation

    The Anne-Marie Schindler Foundation’s focal point of promotion lies in cultural and social issues. In particular cases, scientific projects can also be supported.

    Swiss projects in the fields of dance, visual arts, music, literature, theatre, film, interdisciplinary and scientific projects, preferably relating to the canton of Glarus, can be supported. People working in different fields of culture as well as institutions can submit requests corresponding to their work.

  • Background

    The founder Dr. med. Anne-Marie Schindler, citizen of Mollis herself, is a doctor and psychotherapist whose passionate hobby is dance. Due to this passion, the wish arose to support artists in travel abroad in order to draw inspiration for their further development.

    Anne-Marie Schindler started her foundation with its seat in the canton of Glarus already in 1990 with valuable advice provided by Prof. Peter Jenny, Ennenda. Prof. Peter Jenny presided over the foundation from 1990 to 2015 and developed the profile which still characterizes the foundation today. Until 2014, the foundation supported artists and cultural projects exclusively.

The Anne-Marie Schindler Prize enabled me to research humor in my language of movement. A dance-like mischievousness has had an influence on my productions ever since.

Brigitta Schrepfer, Dancer, choreographer and Artistic Director of the SOMAFON Company as well as lecturer at the Zurich University of the Arts.

My Iceland trip in 2014 was supported by the Anne-Marie Schindler Foundation. Iceland moved me deeply and has had a lasting impact on my work as an artist.

Patrick Rohner, Artist
  • Projects

    A total of approximately 200 support contributions were paid from 1990 to 2015. A total of 160 individuals and 40 institutions were funded.

      • Dance

      • Visual arts

      • Music

      • Literature

      • Theatre

      • Film

      • Interdisciplinary projects

      • social projects

      • Scientific projects

      • Other projects

The Anne-Marie Schindler Foundation enabled me to direct my focus on music already in my youth: A very important spark which set my energy in motion.

Jürg Wickihalder, Musician

With its contribution, the Anne-Marie Schindler Foundation supported a film which moved many people.

Anita Blumer, Film maker